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Globally, the number of people living with dementia will increase from 50m in 2018 to 152m in 2050. 

A 204% increase.

Source: Dementia fact sheet December 2017; World Health Organisation


What is VR:CALM?

We are a team of two female founders who are driven to helping those with Alzheimer's Disease through the power of Virtual Reality. 

We aspire to improve the quality of life and mental wellbeing of those with dementia by combating the negative effects of loneliness. 

Our Vision


To bring about a world where dementia sufferers can experience an immersive, socially uplifting world through Virtual Reality - alleviating depression, anxiety and loneliness. 


Meet the Team


Hannah Blair is a recent BSc Computer Science Graduate currently working at Deutsche Bank as a software developer, and is a Sky Women in Technology Scholar. Hannah is passionate about the future of Virtual and Augmented Reality and driving social impact through technology.


Samar Babiker is a medical student at St. George's University of London. She has an interest in "tech for good", particularly digital health and its use within the healthcare realm to empower others. 


In the Press

Have a read about what we've been up to.


Sky | The Times

Hannah recently become a Sky Women in Technology Scholar, earning a £25,000 grant to put towards her VR developments.  


MSDUK 2018 Awards


We're currently a finalist in the MSDUK Innovation Challenge! Samar Babiker will be pitching in Birmingham on 26th September. 

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We came 2nd in Foundervine's #Startup54 Hackathon! Have a read about it to find out more. 


Stay Tuned

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